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Welcome to Corealign training!

Welcome to Corealign training!

The training is sold out!

CoreAlign 1 Foundation 26.1. & 28.1.2024

Introductory and intermediate level course for instructors

The course includes CoreAlign method theory and  foundation exercises to build functional movement skills. Areas of focus are trunk integration, upper body strength and balance, lower body strength, power, gait and dynamic flexibility. Progressions and regressions for all ability levels. Specific modifications and precautions for special populations. Equipment set up, maintenance and safety. Course includes manual.

  • Master Trainer: Kelly McKinnon 
  • Fee 570  
  • Maximun participants 12
  • When: 26.1. & 28.1.2024 8–16
  • Where: Somatic Studio, Kasarmikatu 36


CoreAlign™ has two sliding carriages in a floor unit with a ladder at one end to hold with the hands or to attach straps. The exercises are designed to reproduce everyday movements to create harmony between controlled stability and dynamic mobility, challenge balance, coordination and improve posture, resulting in a strong, healthy, and vibrant body. Great for sports enhancement and rehabilitative for hips and ankles. Strengthens your core like nothing else. 

Kelly McKinnon

Corpus Studios Owner


“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

– John Cotton

Kelly is an insatiable mover, instructor and clinician backed by academic and anecdotal experience. In her native home of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Kelly had many opportunities to explore nature, ski, cycle, run, hike and play team sports like baseball, volleyball, floor and ice hockey, and track and field. Almost as soon as she could walk, Kelly’s mother placed her in figure skating lessons, and her Dad took her to the mountains to ski. Kelly discovered her place in modern dance and choreography in her late teens, hurdling her to explore eclectic other creative territories. Towards the end of her performance career, Kelly worked for five years for Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Belgium as head of the dance department and assisted in artistic, creative development and choreography. Simultaneously Kelly opened Corpus Studios™, Master Instructed for Peak Pilates and started the creation of Corpus Pilates Instructor Education™.

Kelly has a BFA: Dance major, an Economics minor, and a two-year study of kinesiology from Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Kelly finished six years of osteopathic studies, the first three years in London, England, at the London School of Osteopathy and two years in Belgium at Belso College of Osteopathy. Her final year was spent writing her dissertation on Hypermobility classification, diagnosis and how it relates to osteopathy. Her quest to apprehend the human movement capacity led Kelly to participate in several extended cadaver dissections at the University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK, directed by Gill Hedley and Julian Baker. Additional significant influences are weight and fitness instructor coaching courses, Athletic Performance enhancement with EXOS, Fascial retreats in Italy and the UK, and most recently, Stuart McGill BackFitPro foundation, diagnosis and Performance enhancement courses.

Kelly master trains Pilates, Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis®, Corealign™, Bodhi® Suspension and athletic coaching for the perfection of gait and improved biodynamics. She teaches Functional anatomy and kinesiology and creates and instructs numerous continuing education workshops.

Kelly believes educating patients and clients via preventative medicine, and therapeutic and dynamic voluntary action is the best way to a robust immune system and a healthy mind. Attention to intention is her best guide to helping others find a good balance of strength and mobility.

Kelly specializes in most musculoskeletal issues and joint disorders specific to scoliosis, back and shoulders, hypermobility disorders and syndromes and ageing.