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“I have been teaching Pilates in the UK for 45 years and I believe I have one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. It’s a constant joy to show people how, with a little hard work, they can achieve results they never dreamed possible.” Alan Herdman


Alan Herdman  on yksi maailman johtavista pilatesopettajista. Hän on toisen polven pilatesohjaaja, joka on saanut oppinsa Carola Trier ja Bob Fitzgerald. Iloksemme saamme Mr. Herdmanin opettamaan Somatic Studiolle toukokuussa. Lisää tietoa Alanista löydät mm. >>täältä.

Alan Herdman is one of the most respected pilates teachers. He lectures on Pilates around the world, and he has written several successful books. He runs a training course for Pilates instructors in London and supervises courses in both Athens and Istanbul, as well as running his own studios. >>Read more…


Content & timetable

Precision on the Mat

For pilates instructors, professionals

Saturday 25.5. 9:00–11:00
Price: 89€

Preparation is vitally important for the traditional mat exercises to be performed both correctly and safely. Teaching the client/student to recognise, and to be able to recruit the correct muscle groups will help them, not only to develop a good form, but enable them to introduce the principles of Pilates into their work. A good and correct posture must be developed at the beginning of the pilates journey.


A Fusion of Contemporary and Classical Mat

Saturday 25.5. 11:15–12:15
Price: 39 €

Teachers and students of Pilates need to know the history and development of the technique. They should not allow themselves to be a slave to that history. In the 21st century the lifestyle is very different to when Joseph Pilates was developing his 34 exercises. At least seventy five percent of the 34 exercises are in flexion what we need now is more extension.


A Calm and Relaxing Mat Class

Saturday 25.5., 13:30–14:30
Price: 39€

Feel the relaxing flow and breath your stress out in this calming pilates class.


Advanced Mat Class

Saturday 25.5., 14:45–15:45
Price: 39€

Challenge yourself with the Grand Maestro. Do the work – feel the difference!


Precision on the Reformer

For pilates instructors, professionals

Sunday 26.5., 9:00–12:00
Price: 189€

The emphasis at the beginning of this workshop will be the foot work. This sequence of exercises, so often used as a fast warm-up, must be taught as a careful preparation for the complete reformer repertoire. We will progress through the repertoire to understand why the basic foot work is so important.


Spine Corrector

Sunday 26.5., 13:00–15:00
Price: 89€

You are as young as your spine is, said Mr. Pilates. Alan is totally Back in Finland and shares his great expertise and exercises with Spine Corrector.

Pilates created Spine Corrector to correct spine’s curves, stretching, aligning and strengthening the spine. What would be more useful exercises in the world of increasing back aches, office and mobile phone postures?

Limited spots, reserve your place in the arc.


Having Fun with the Classic 34 Exercises

Sunday 26.5. 15:15–16:15
Price: 39€

For the proficient and long-term clients/students who have mastered the 34 exercises, changing the routine, linking different exercises together, making up sequences and working with a partner adds a new dimension to the work. Also, importantly, it creates an element of fun and enjoyment.


Pakettihinnat / Special pricing

Koko viikonloppu / The whole weekend: 449€
Lauantai / Saturday: 199€
Sunnuntai / Sunday: 289€

Precision on the mat & reformer la+su ammattilaisille: 259€


Palace Gate interview with Alan Herdman.


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