Jessica Brescia

GYROTONIC® trainer

Jessica came to Helsinki to start her journey as a GYROTONIC® trainer in 2017. She has studied in Rome at the prestigious White Cloud Studio with Master Trainers Elisabetta Carnevale and Pietro Gagliardi. She is currently taking her teacher training with GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer Marika Vannuzzi.

After practicing Bikram Yoga for 5 years while living in Madrid, London and Rome, Jessica found GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® classes and fell in love with their exercise method. She found these systems had a strong impact on her on an emotional, physical, mental and energetic level so much, that she could not wait to be able to spread the word and teach these precious gems.

Jessica leads her classes with a belief that systems like GYROKINESIS®, GYROTONIC® and Yoga unlock your deeper power and intuition, resulting in a happier more fulfilling life where you get to express your creativity and truest nature.


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