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Reminding the Ribs -workshop

In Reminding the Ribs, participants will learn Pranayama and Mantra techniques that prime the thoracic spine for increased ranges of motion.  Following this preparation, participants learn Pilates, Yoga and Dance repertoire on the Mat and Pilates Apparatus to further unleash the full potential of the thoracic spine. Through this process, participants will also understand how increased thoracic spine movement impacts the lumbar and cervical spine segments. The aim of the Pranayama, Mantra and movement repertoire is to re-discover painless and free flowing movements, which originate from the thoracic spine and radiate to the extremities, echoing J.H. Pilates Principle of Centering.  This course is appropriate for Healthcare Professionals, Pilates Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Dance Educators and Professional Athletes. 

“I developed this course because I was inspired by the outcomes of my own clients who I have shared this material with. The materials for this course were drawn from my many years of experience as a professional dancer, Yogini and Pilatera.  My aim is to blend these three rich practices as a vehicle to investigate the thoracic spine’s potential for movement.  What I found is that blending these magical forms was a beautiful gateway into greater ranges of movement for not only the thoracic spine, but for all the segments above and below.

What I learned through this process is that the thoracic spine loves to BREATHE, loves to SING and that these two actions create a perfect playground for its potential to MOVE!

The goal of the course is to unleash the full potential of the thoracic spine for fluid, pain-free, whole-body movement, echoing J.H. Pilates principle of CENTERING.” 

About Kim & MOVEMENT CoLab:


MOVEMENT CoLab was founded by husband and wife team, Bob Turner and Kim Gibilisco.  They have been working together for over 20 years collaborating on movement cases and developing courses for movement and rehabilitation professionals.  Their work has taken them all over the world, teaching both as a duo and independently.  Kim and Bob strive to create courses that are backed by research and steeped in creativity.

Pilatera, Yogi, and former professional dancer, she is respected masters of forms.  MOVEMENT CoLab, weaves all these diverse experiences to offer Pilates, Yoga, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, and Continuing Education services for people of all levels of rehabilitation and all levels of movement experience.  Kim’s field of expertise is in designing and delivering movement experiences and curriculum.  The primary goal of their educational work is to bridge the gap between healthcare practitioners and fitness experts.  Through this goal, they aim to facilitate a collaborative approach and long arc continuum for wellness.  

The triangle shaped logo represents the three arms of the business: Movement, Rehabilitation, and Education.  The fingerprint within the triangle logo represents Kim and Bob’s mantra, “MOVE TRUE to YOU!”

“Bob gets you out of crisis, Kim keeps you out of crisis.” 



“Kim is very passionate about the work she does. Every time I take Kim’s course or observe her move so intelligently there is always a feeling of encouragement and even more passion for Pilates and learning from Kim. I highly recommend this course to any Pilates teacher or a Physical therapist who wants to learn from the best!” – Elena Vaynshtok, MSPT, DPT, Schroth PT

Polestar Pilates Rehabilitation Practitioner

“Bob and Kim:

“This dynamic duo completes each other’s work seamlessly. This is exactly what I want to take home from continuing education: an anatomy review, evaluative tools, manual interventions and then the tolls to re-educate and get my patient moving in a variety of ways on the Pilates apparatus and home exercise.” – Tamar Amitay, PT, MS, Principal and Founder of Thrive Integrated Physical Therapy, NYC. “

Reminding the Ribs workshop by Kim Gibilisco  (USA)

2.6.2023 9.30-15.30

Somatic Studio Kasarmikatu 36

9.30-12.30 mat

12.30-13.30 lunch

13.30-15.30 reformer

Price 239 €

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Photo credits: Whitney Browne