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Fabrice Lamego on tanssija, koreografi, Polestar® certifikoitu pilatesohjaaja sekä Balance body koulutuksen kouluttaja/ Balance Body master- ohjaaja. Lamego aloitti pilateksen opiskelunsa vuonna 1997 ja vuonna 2002 hän aloitti Polestar® certifikoituna pilatesohjaajana pilateksen opettamisen. Tanssijana ja koreografina Lamego lähetyy pilatesta kehotietoisuuden ja liikkeen kautta. Lamego on valmistunut 2009 Balance bodyn master- ohjaajaksi.

Fabrice Lamego is dancer, choreographer, Polestar® Pilates Certified instructor and educator for Balance Body Education/ a Balance Body Master Instructor. Lamego began to study Pilates in New York during 1997. in 2002, he completed his Polestar® certification, and began teaching by the end of that year. His approach to Pilates is enhanced by the consciousness of body and movement that he developed during his career as a dancer an choreographer. In 2009 Fabrice became a master instructor for Balanced Body Education.


Content & timetable

Exo Chair- workshop

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts

Saturday 26.10. 9:00–11:00
Price: 89€

In this course we will focus on the advance chair exercise for the original repertoire.


Posture / Centering, Open Master Mat class

Saturday 26.10. 11:15-12:15
Price: 39€

In this open mat class we will focus on posture and centering.


Contemporary view of the Pilates – Your Mat playground, working with props

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts

Saturday 26.10. 13:00-16:00
Price: 129€

The mat playground is the workshop base on a contemporary view of the Pilates Mat repertoire adding the props, Ring, roller, stability ball and elastic’s.


Creative Reformer

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts

Sunday 27.10. 9:00-12:00
Price: 149€

How creative can we be on the reformer? This workshop will help you be more creative on the reformer. You will see how you can start with original repertoire and take it to different level.


Control vs. Flow, Open Master Mat class

Sunday 27.10. 12:30-13:30
Price: 39€

The Theme of this open mat class is Control vs. Flow.


Exploring the Spine corrector

Sunday 27.10. 13:45-15:45
Price: 89€

In this workshop we will explore Spine Corrector. Spine Corrector is a wonderful tool for developing core strength, enhancing spinal mobility and creating elongation in the body.


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