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Elizabeth Larkam on kansainvälisesti tunnettu kultasertifioitu Pilates metodin opettaja. Hän on aloittanut Pilates tekniikan opiskelun vuonna 1985. Elizabethin on saanut oppinsa ensimmäisen sukupolven pilates-opettajilta mm. Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry, Carola Trier, Romana Kryzanowska, Bruce King and Alan Herdman. Iloksemme saamme Elizabeth Larkamin opettamaan Somatic Studiolle syyskuussa. Lisätietoa Elizabethistä löydät mm. >>täältä

Elizabeth Larkam is internationally recognized A Gold Certified Pilates Method Alliance teacher. Elizabeth began her study of Pilates techniques in 1985. Elizabeth was educated by the first generation Pilates teachers Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry, Carola Trier, Romana Kryzanowska, Bruce King and Alan Herdman. Elizabeth worked as a Pilates and Dancemedicine Specialist with the San Francisco Ballet and Cirque de Soleil, as a lecturer at the University of San Francisco in exercise and sports science, a mind-body spokesperson for the American Council on Exercise, and a Reebok Master Trainer. >>Read more…



FRIDAY 17.9.2021


Reformer Variable Intensity Interval Training with Elastic Recoil emphasis. Jump board classes and individual sessions.

Friday 17.9.2021 klo 13.30-15.30
Price: 149€


Open mat class: Magic Circle

Friday 17.9.2021 klo 15.35-16.35
Price: 39€


COFFEE BREAK klo 16.35-17.00


WORKSHOP FOR INSTRUCTORS/TEACHERS Elizabeth Larkam & Jarmo Ahonen together

”Proprioception and Interoception in teaching”

Friday 17.9.2021 klo 17.00-20.00
Price: 189€




SATURDAY 18.9.2021


Special Theme Seminar  Spine Corrector

Appreciating  complexities of the neuromyofascia system with the Pilates Arc (the Balanced Body  foam spine corrector). Elizabeth Larkam’s insight;  the myofascial slings tend to simplify the complexities of the neuromyofascia sling system. She will explain the tendencies and negative effects of oversimplification.



klo 9.00-11.00
Price: 149€


Open mat class Contemporary Pilates



klo 11.15-12.15
Price: 39€


LUNCH klo 12.15-13.00


Special Theme Seminar ‘Aging Well – how movement benefits the neuromyofascia system through the lifespan’



klo 13.00-16.00
Price: 189€


Open mat class: Rotation in the Pilates environment – a fascia-focused approach to movement sequencing

Saturday 18.9.2021 klo 16.05-17.05
Price: 39€


SUNDAY 19.9.2021


WORKSHOP FOR INSTRUCTORS/TEACHERS ; ‘ The Wunda Chair with split pedal – fascia focused movement sequences ’

Sunday 19.9.2021 klo 9.00-12.00
Price: 239€


LUNCH klo 12.00-13.00


Special Theme Seminar; Movement sequences in the Pilates environment that address adaptations to screen devices

When you interact with a laptop, tablet or mobile phone your eyes lead your head, your neck and your spine into position for optimal viewing. Then the spine dictates the organization of the thorax, shoulder girdle, arm and hand to touch the screen, keyboard or mouse. The neuromyofascia system is shaped by our interaction with our technology, often compromising breathing, circulation, range of motion and motor control. Awareness and practice of fascia focused movement organization can be beneficial.

Sunday 19.9.2021 klo 13.00-15.00
Price: 149€


Open mat class/teachers : Touch Cues in Pilates teaching – application of recent research on superficial fascia, deep fascia and proprioception

Sunday 19.9.2021 klo 15.15-16.15
Price: 39€


Open mat class: Spine extension in the Pilates environment – a fascia-focused approach to movement sequencing

Sunday 19.9.2021klo 16.15-17.15
Price: 39€


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Lauantai / Saturday 399€
Sunnuntai / Sunday 449€


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