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Brett Miller

Brett aloitti ammatillisen elämänsä baletin maailmassa ja työskenteli eri yritysten kanssa Yhdysvalloissa. Myöhemmin hän muutti New Yorkiin ja löysi modernin baletin. Siitä lähtien hän on asunut Suomessa ja nyt Tukholmassa Ruotsissa.

Brettistä tuli Pilates -ohjaaja vuonna 2006. Kun hän oli saanut täydellisen sertifikaatin Stott Pilatesilta, on hän siitä lähtien opettanut Tukholmassa. Hänen tuntinsa tiedetään olevan haastavia ja innostavia, ja niissä korostetaan voimakkaasti älyä. Brett haastaa oppilaansa menemään fyysisen harjoituksen ulkopuolelle kehittääkseen syvempää viisautta olemuksessa.

Brett matkustaa vierailevana opettajana esimerkiksi Lontoossa, Pariisissa, Oslossa, San Franciscossa, Pittsburghissa ja Göteborgissa. Maaliskuussa 2013 Brett perusti Pilates Intelin (, viikoittaisen Pilates -lehden) josta on tullut erittäin suosittu tuhansien Pilates -ammattilaisten ja harrastajien keskuudessa. Älykäs Pilates -tekniikka ja mahdollisuus jatkaa fyysistä harjoittelua houkuttelivat Brettin Pilatekseen oltuaan kauan tanssimaailmassa. Pilates -opetuksen ohella Brett toimii myös konsulttina ohjelmistokehittäjänä.


“Thank you so much for your workshops yesterday, what an inspiring experience!! Dynamic approach is so needed in Pilates in general. Too often Pilates is just movements with the core engaged (and a lot of information in your head!), but the flow and the quality of the movement is missing… You really gave us a feeling of flow in your class while teaching us the principles. It all felt really good in the body. “Rita Härkin – Helsinki”


“You inspire us with your enthusiasm, commitment and philosophy. Transform a physical training to a spiritual experience.

I have never been active before and never have understood why one needs physical exercise. I thought that building muscle was just vanity in my foolishness. You have opened my eyes and made me realize the true meaning of it.

Last but by no means least, you have a sense of humour and makes it more fun.”  – Man, Chiu Leung   Stockholm


“I experienced one of my best personal Pilates classes with Brett. His insight in Pilates and competence to instruct firmly and high levelled, but gently and trustworthy created a superb and inspiring class! “- Mona Stedenfeldt,   Trondheim, Norway



Schedule 18-19.09.2021 in Somatic Studio

Saturday 9:00 – 11:00 Building Blocks of Pilates

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts, this seminar also available in online

In this workshop, Brett teaches a series of simple, but by no means trivial exercises, which demonstrate different dynamics that are necessary to understand to be sensitive to the deeper aspects of the works.  These exercises Brett has names ‘Building Block’ exercises.  You will then, together with Brett, begin to apply these ‘Building Blocks’ to more advanced exercises – even ‘very’ advanced.  You will find that you are able to do much more than you thought possible, while deepening your sensitivity to the more profound aspects of Pilates.

Price: 129 €        Max 14 participant


Saturday 11:15 – 12:15 Mat class with Brett: Building Blocks of Pilates

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts, this seminar also available in online

Here we apply what was learned in the first session to a Pilates class.  Brett’s classes are flowing, challenging, and invigorating. He encourages each class member to always look for a deeper meaning in each exercise while also developing a stronger technique.  Brett provides valuable direction and cueing, reinforcing it with skilled tactile feedback.  Student’s often leave Brett’s class inspired and eager to learn more.

Price: 39 €          Max 14 participants


Saturday 13:00 – 14:00 Open Mat class with Brett:  Balance and Strength 

Open class, this seminar also available in online

In this class we will look at using strength wisely to bring about a greater balance.  Of course, it will also be a great Pilates workout, too!

Price: 39 €          Max 14 participants


Saturday 14:15 – 16:15 Integration of the Whole

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts

This workshop is inspired by this quote from Pilates Elder Eve Gentry:

”Pilates is a concept… you can learn every exercise on every piece of equipment, and you don’t know Pilates.”

Using the Reformer, Chair and Mat we will work actively to know Pilates as a concept, AND ourselves.  We will look at opposition, two-way stretch, working from the center (and more), making new connections to bring about a greater balance, harmony, and depth in the body – true understanding.

Price: 129 €        Max 14 participants


Sunday 10:00 – 12:30 Dynamic Reformer

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts

One of the unique aspects of Pilates when compared to other exercise forms, is the required attention to detail and the development of inner dynamic.  We will go through well-known Pilates exercises, and a few of their variations, with the aim to find deeper aspects of the work, and in turn a greater sensitivity to the wisdom of the body where we can, in all situations, move from the strength of the centre, giving way to more freedom and well-being.

Price: 169 €        Max 14 participants


Sunday 13:15 – 15:15 Get Your Chair On

For instructors, teachers, Pilates enthusiasts

In this workshop we go through a series of Pilates Chair exercises – known and not so known – with the aim of finding more depth in them.  Most importantly gaining knowledge about support from the center of the body while stretching the outer limbs away.  Length, strength, balance an ease will be the result.

Price: 129 €        Max 14 participants


Whole weekend 559 € (625 €)

Registration for whole weekend will be preferred over single registration, availability of single places will be confirmed one week before the event.  After registration cancellations only against a medical certificate seven days before event.


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